My aim is to use this blog as I would a sketchbook. It is a place for me to show my workings, to record and share the inspiration and concept behind my photographs. I want to document new ideas that may then develop into full scale projects. It will also be a means to explore those little ideas that don’t find their way into a bigger project. I have found that writing about my work enables me to clarify my ideas and consider them more thoroughly. I post once a week with new and current work.

For further information please see:

  1. Marie M-H said:

    I would love to pre-order your book, but I saw your Kickstarter was down 😦 Please let me know how I can sign up & pay you.
    San Diego, CA, USA

    • Hi Marie, so nice to have some interest from San Diego! If you send me your email I can keep you updated.. I’m just about to have a baby, so will be taking a break before finishing the book.. But l’ll be in touch and let you know about the next round of pre orders.. Can I ask how you heard about it? Thanks Kirsty

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