The End and Photo Book Bristol



In a flurry of activity one Sunday morning, as the baby slept on her dad’s chest and daughter number one played upstairs… I finished my book. When there is a window these days it’s grabbed. Being mum to a small baby makes you increadably productive in short spaces of time. Spaces that are snatched, at anytime around the clock. So in my dressing gown early in the morning, assisted by Steely Dan on Spotify… I finished my book. It took only a couple of short hours. Images were cut up & additions made to the edit, text – most of it discarded but for two quotes and the essay, cover image in the bag. The End.

I’d thought about it for so long that when I had the opportunity it all flowed. Having a break from it, long enough to have a baby, helped too.

This week the dummy is being printed & bound. Throughout Bristol, and no doubt much further afield, book dummies are being made – all in time for this weekend’s Photo Book Bristol. Last year’s festival was the first. No one knew what to expect from it, but this year we do.

Anticipation is high…



    • Thanks Wendy. Hoping to be able to take preorders in September x

  1. Well done for getting it done….looking forward to owning a copy. Would have loved to have heard you speak in Glasgow recently, but was working.

    • Thanks so much Teresa, It meant a lot to me to have my work shown at Streetlevel & do the talk.. In my home town. Thanks also for you pledge. I am planning to do pre sales of the book in September..

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