A New Year and a New Title



I’m dragging myself back into work mode after the Christmas break. The past couple of weeks have seen me concentrate on filling my belly and emptying my brain. As I prepare for the onslaught that is crowd funding and book design. The first stage of this process is a change in title. I am working with photo book designer Victoria Forrest. Her first input was the tentative suggestion of changing the title.

This work has been on the boil for the past 4/5 years. I’ve called it ‘Generation Pink’, for a long time. It started off as ‘Pink Pricesses’, but as the work developed Gereration Pink became more appropriate. I always name my projects early on. Some projects get names, but never even make it to the photo stage, they stay as an idea, but don’t work to be taken further. I find the process of naming a project really useful. It is labelling. It helps me to decipher what the project is really about and why I am interested. Giving work a name also helps me to see it as an end product, whether it will be a book, an exhibition or a series on my website. It enables me to see the work as a whole. So Victoria’s idea to change the title is a good place to start. It’s the first step in the process of translating this work into a photo book. ‘Generation Pink’ is too descriptive, gives too much away, too soon. Victoria has suggested “My Favourite Colour was Yellow’. It comes from an interview I recorded with one of the girls I photographed. Her name is Rosie and I photographed her a couple of years ago when she was 14. She told me how her friend had asked her favourite colour. She felt under pressure to say pink and purple, even though it wasn’t. “My favourite colours were yellow and orange. When I took the pens out of the pack I took the yellow first, always and then the orange”.

The new title places an emphasis on a lack of choice, and that’s what is at the core of this. I am looking forward to working with Victoria over the next few weeks. We’ve made a good start and she has already helped me see this work more clearly as a book.

  1. mark said:

    I think that’s a really compelling title. The original one seemed just fine at the time but the new one is cleverer and makes me want to find out more…

  2. Yes! New title is a good ‘opposite’..
    And really beautiful shot of the princesses and the pea.
    Taylor Wessing..?

    • Thanks, may have to give up on TW. I’m pretty determind, but have spent (funded NPG) so much money on it over the years.. Feeling v dishearten with it now.. Like your Princess & the pea title tho.. x

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