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With Christmas fast approaching these recent images will be amongst my last serious photographs for this year. I have been working with book designer Victoria Forrest. Even when I thought all the work for my book was done – Victoria told me to keep shooting. So there is more in the pipeline, but now that will have to wait until the new year.

For now my attentions are set on planning my Kickstarter campaign. I am on a mission to self publish my book, in time for a launch at Photo Book Bristol next June. I am aiming to raise £12,000 over the next few months. People have told me that I am a quietly confident person. I am confident about my photography work and even the process of making a photo book for the first time. With other people’s help I have gained enough confidence to embark on self publishing. However the thought of raising such a small fortune, by crowd funding, is seriously worrying. If I don’t reach my target- I won’t get a penny.

I have the confidence in my own work, but somehow I need to turn that into other people having confidence in the project, enough to want to preorder a copy, with their own money. From what I’ve learned, crowd funding campaigns are all about momentum, and people having faith that it will be successful. So what can I do? I have never taken on such a huge challenge as this before. All I can do is to research and plan. I have been talking to other photographers who have run successful crowd funding campaigns and self published. Asking as many questions as possible, trying to gain tips and advice and and understanding of the whole process. I have been compiling a mailing list, planning a video shoot for the campaign, gathering endorsements etc etc. All I can do is be prepared and give it my best shot. I will be launching the campaign towards the end of January. Look out for it. You’ll be able to pre order the book or back the campaign. I need to move a 12K mountain and I won’t be able to do it alone.

Big thanks to Rudi Thoemmes, Rosie Barnes and Tom Groves for their generous help.


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The idea for this photograph came to me 3 years ago. I had noticed people on the street with bright pink hair, and I realised I had to use this in my book project. It has taken me all that time to get the right picture. I first photographed Sarah and Christie below, but as my work envolved to focus solely on children these portraits went out. I then had the idea of photographing a mum with pink hair. The first two mums I approached were initially interested but didn’t make it to the shoot stage. Then there was the pink haired girl that I met on the bus, but again no shot. I met Liz in a cafe, pictured below with her baby daughter. We made some really nice portraits, but the picture didn’t capture what I was trying to say. Then I bumped into Rachel (bottom image) in the park. I thought I made some nice portraits, but when I saw them back I realised that she wasn’t really a child anymore and my head had been turned by her pink locks.

Then a few months ago, out of the blue, my friend Shelby dyed her hair pink. I had photographed her daughter before for my project. When I photographed them together it worked. I talked to Rosie about her mum and that is when she hugged her in this protective way. Her mum looks doll like and I like that. I once read that Trent Parke went to the same spot every day for 3 months to try to capture a picture. That is devotion and detection. It is what I would tell students and those at the early stages of learning to take pictures – that sometimes photographs take time. So often, we only see the finished article, but photographs are made from many failed attempts, journeys down the wrong path, experiments, hard work and then one day it all just falls into place.


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