There’s something in the air in Bristol… it’s the smell of photo books.








I went to a screening of Martin Parr’s film ‘Turkey and Tinsel’ last week. Martin Parr makes films, but we don’t get to see them that much. There were books for sale too, but it wasn’t a photo book event as such. After the film there was food and music. As Martin busted his moves to Slade on the dancefloor I was in the back room hudled around a table looking at photo book projects. This is where I have ended up at previous Photo Book Bristol events. It’s my favourite spot, for after the main event the nurturing environment and the shared love for photo books in Bristol takes hold.

My own photo book will be self published next year and it will be a direct product of this environment. It will be ‘made in Bristol’. Akina’s book making workshop, and all the talks I have been to at IC Visual lab and Photo Book Bristol have seeped into my work. The relationships I have made with the Bristol photo book crowd have helped me to think about, edit and give me the confidence to pursue self publishing my own book. The book will be designed in Bristol by Victoria Forrest.

I’m not the only one. There are many of us working on book projects. There will be more photo books ‘Made in Bristol’ – a lot more to come. The scent hangs thickly in the air. If you come and visit, breath deep and don’t be afraid to inhale that luscious scent of the photo book.





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