The Photo Book Comes to Bristol


On Saturday I attended a photo book making workshop held by Akina Books, and brought to Bristol by IC Visual labs. Akina are an independent, hand made, photo book publishing house based in London; holding workshops across Europe. We were fortunate and pretty excited to have them come to Bristol.

In less than four weeks the first Photo Book Bristol will be held here, drawing an international mix of publishers, photographers and book makers straight to the heart of Bristol.

So now my book project has a deadline. I need to have a book dummy ready for the festival. There will be people there, who I have met along the way, some that have seen the work at an early stage. It will be a great opportunity to get advice and feedback. And now I just might have a cover. This photograph comes from a session I did with my friend’s daughter Rosie. I have photographed her before so we were comfortable with each other. It was very much a group effort, as out of shot is my daughter Ruby who was ‘assisting’ me and Rosie’s brother Louis watching intently.

I will have to move mountains to get a dummy together in time, but it’s finally coming together and it marks the beginning of the end, of the past 3 years of my work.

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