Seeing Photographs


21-11-13-0003 (1)

CNV00014 CNV00038

Most of the portraits I am making right now, including these four above, are not conceived spontaneously within the process of taking the photograph. They are born over time. Some of them many months before I actually take the shot. Many of them start off as something I notice when I am not photographing. Some of them come from the days I am out with my camera, but have missed the shot, usually from hesitation. That is when the idea is born and it then becomes a case of hunting it down.

These ideas form a list of possible photographs that float around in my head, some come out later in the process of photographing, but I have already identified them, so I recognise it when I see it.

Other ideas I have to pursue, like these photographs above. All of these images began from noticing and searching for a way to express a point. They made it onto my list of possible photographs to make, capture and hunt down. All of these pictures were born in the same way and now as I approach the end of this project my list get s smaller.


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