Instagram Photography Workshop, Bristol



                            How to Improve Your Instagram and Mobile Phone Photography

                                                           Saturday 25th January 2014

I will be holding a workshop on Instagram and mobile phone photography early in the new year. The workshop has evolved from my passion for mobile phone photographs. Although most of my professional work is shot on medium format film cameras, I am and always have been passionate about camera phones.

At the end of 2002, when the first mobile phone camera came onto the UK market, I approached Vodafone, to work with them on an exhibition of camera phone images. They agreed and I took a photo a day for the whole of 2003. The exhibition iCapture was then shown the following year at the Deluxe Gallery in London.

In 2005 whilst studying for an MA at Newprort, I wrote my dissertation on mobile phone cameras, and how our relationship with our phones influences our picture taking. Today we have Instagram -enabling us to share our images instantaneously with like minded communities of people across the globe, direct from phone to phone. I’m really looking forward to the workshop and if there’s sufficient demand there will be more. It’s my second collaboration with the brilliant people at IC Visual Lab. You can book here (

Mobile phones have evoved to be used, as we would have traditionally used our compact, point and shoot cameras. They are in fact squeezing compacts out of the market. This year saw a 43% drop in shipments of compact cameras. Manufactuers are reducing their lines in compacts, in particular the lower priced models. These simply can’t compete with smartphones and the established brands are trying keep up with customer demand. In a rapidly changing photographic market, as DSLRs are declining in sales along with point and shoots. The future looks like we will be increasingly turning to the new light weight mirlorless cameras together with camera phones as our choice of equipment. Mobile phone photography is ubiquitous, and it’s how we are choosing to document our lives.

  1. This sounds really good Kirsty, wish I could attend.
    I remember your iCapture exhibition was excellent..!

    • Thanks Wendy, I’m planning a London visit in Jan. Let me know if you’re up for Taylor Wessing..

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