To Take or Make a Portrait?




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A lot has already been written about this subject. Do we take or make a photograph? All photographers have their own methods. Some will say they ‘take’ a photograph and others will insiste that their photographs are ‘made’.

I was at a photography screening last week. An event hosted by IC Visual labs and curated by Develop Photo’s Erica McDonald. One of the multi media screenings featured New York Times staff photographer, Fred R Conrad, his opinion is that a good potrait is ‘given’. This really struck a cord with me. (You can watch it here I realised that’s the reason I feel so grateful to the people I photograph. They give me something of themselves and I feel indebted to them. It’s why I try hard to make sure each participant at my Pop Up Portrait Studio gets a free print. I am compelled to give back.

Thanks to Georgie, Alan, Eric and Mohammed, for taking part in my recent Pop Up Portrait Studio on Bristol’s Old market. Thanks also to; Alex and ibi from IC Visual labs, Sophie and Josie who assisted me on the day, Calumet, Photographique and Clifton Colour for sponsoring the event.

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