Before the Photograph


We are about to move house and my head is full of the tasks I’ve got to do to make this happen. Life is getting in the way of my photography. There is very little room left in my brain for my book project – I have no ‘thinking time’. I have two ‘pink’ shoots lined up and when I am there taking photographs all is fine. What I am lacking is the time before taking photographs, time to think.

I realised I need this ‘thinking time’, when my daughter was very little and she first started to go to a childminder. I then had one day a week when my focus wasn’t on her, and my mind could wander. It did, and in flooded ideas and inspiration. Without having time to think before taking photographs, would for me, be like shooting in the dark, without a direction. When shooting for my book I’ve found that I need to work out exactly what I need to photograph, what that represents and why that interests me before I go ahead and take a photograph. I also imagine how a shoot my might go, beforehand -playing it out in my imagination to give myself a starting point for when I get there.

So with very little thinking and planning time I am asking for help. Do you know a girl who loves the colour pink and has a pink bedroom? I am also looking for a mum/girl with pink hair. A girl with braided hair and pink beads. Girls from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and in particular a girl form a Jewish family. I am willing to travel from Bristol. Do let me know if you can help –

This is Rosie and her teddy ‘Pink’, in her bedroom she shares with her younger brother. Many thanks to Rosie, Shelby and Pink.



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