Stand up and be Photographed

KMPOP13-12CNV00090 - Version 2


My Pop Up Portrait Studio in Cardiff has now closed it’s doors. I am working with the images to make a book of some of the portraits. When I look at the portraits I am struck with how willing people were to stand there and allow me to make a portrait of them. Cardiff is not a shy place, but it is not over confident and too cool either. I felt a real sense of people standing up and saying yes I’ll do this. I will take part in this project. There was very little showing off in front  of the camera. People were generally self assured and composed. In a way that says to me – this is me, I am here, this is now.

A special applogy to Dan, who took his girlfriend to see the exhibition at the Cardiff Story Museum as a surprise. He didn’t tell her his picture was going to be up on the wall. When he got the there his portrait wasn’t there. Dan, I’m looking into what happened and I’ll be sending you some extra prints to make up for it. This shot was taken on my phone, but it gets Link, the Husky in there too.


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  1. Emai my photo please on the email I’ve given you:)

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