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Here are some of the latest shots from my Pop Up Portrait Studio in Cardiff. I photographed 110 people in total from baby Lyra, only a few months old to this old lady here. I loved her pink suede coat. She told me the flowers were for her neighbour, who’d had a turn. I met a great many wonderful people and photographed some great faces. The resulting portraits are being exhibited at The Cardiff Story Museum ( until the end of the month) and will also be online soon.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part.

  1. khconstable said:

    disgusted that you persuaded me to let you take photographs of my grandchildren outside Rainbow Bargains on the corner of Wellfield Rd/Albany Rd, Pen-y-lan, with the complete assurance that if I agreed, their mother if she went to Cardiff Story Museum today would be able to have a copy of a picture of each of her children. She went, and no pictures.

    • My daughter has been ill this week, so I was unable to deliver the prints to the Cardiff Story Museum on Friday. They will be there on Monday afternoon. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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