On the Streets of Cardiff



These are some of the 70 portraits made with my Pop Up Portrait Studio in Cardiff last weekend. They are not final shots, just rushes without any processing. A print from each portrait will be exhibited in the Cardiff Story Museum, that I am installing today. Each person photographed will be able to go into the museum and unpeg their own portrait from the wall, for them to keep.

I had a great weekend in Cardiff. I was impressed by how open, honest and friendly people were. Even when they declined to take part, people were polite and apologetic. Except for one woman, who told me ‘I just can’t be bothered’ – honest and fair enough.

My Pop Up Studio is back there tomorrow and Sunday. I’ll be setting up in Roathe, outside an old church (on the corner of Albany Rd and Wellfield Rd). I’m hoping to get a different mix of people and keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away…

For up to date opening times and locations follow on twitter @PopUp_Studio

  1. Hey Kirsty, some great portraits, be good to have all the collection online too to view.
    Good to see your hard work is paying off!

    • Thanks Suki, you’re right they all need to be together. I hadn’t thought of that, so we’re going to put them all online on the Diffusion Festival website & maybe my on website. I’ll put a link here when there’re up!

  2. These are really great Kirsty..!
    Oh I do love a pop-up ;D

    • Thanks Wend, I love poping up! Now I’ve started I just can’t stop..

  3. jen said:

    Hi we had our pictures take in cardiff. could we get ours sent threw email as we would like to see them and dont live in cardiff.
    If it helps i was wearing the bright orange dress and you photographed my other half to.
    Look forward to seeing them.

    • Hi Jen, yes that’s no problem. I should have your email on the form you filled in. I remember you and your boyfriend. I’ll be doing the emails next week. Kirsty

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