In at the Deep End

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On Saturday I start shooting my Pop Up Portrait Studio on the streets of Cardiff. This week has been about preparing and getting myself ready to photograph 25 people each day.

I could go out any time, set up my backdrop and make portraits of people. But I don’t. I need the pressure of having set things up, of other people relying on me. My Pop up Studio is all ready to go. Sponsors have been confirmed. Production has been done by Diffusion festival. Now it’s all down to me to deliver. I am plunging head first into the deep end of this project. Who knows how it will end up and what I’ll get at the end of it…I have organised and prepped all week. I’ve done all I can.

These portraits have been taken on my phone, over the past couple of weeks. I’ve taken them with the Pop Up Studio at the back of my mind. They are kind of practice shots, small sketches, that I can build upon. The act of photographing people over and over accumulates, and that practice will result in a better portrait somewhere down the line. I’m hoping it will be this weekend.

Special thanks to Anne at FFotogalley, Phil at Photographique and David at Davis Colour.

  1. Have a fab time Kirsty ;D
    Look forward to seeing the results..!

    • Thank you Wendy. I’ll be tweeting the pics over the next week…

  2. Been following you a while and really looking forward to meeting you at one of your Diffusion events this month 🙂

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