Making Progress

005 - Version 2This is Florence. I photographed her for my book project and got the film back yesterday. She is four years old. I see her at my daughter’s school, when she goes to pick up her older brother. She is often dressed head to toe in pink. Her mum told me that Flo’s gran is the ‘pink purchaser’. Florence seems very happy with this and was great fun. The day I went to photograph her she had a very different agenda from mine of taking photographs. Children of this age do and I know from experience that it is a hard age to make formal portraits. She was  busy playing and standing still for a photo wasn’t part of it. I took my daughter along as she knows Flo’s brother. Together with another friend there were 4 children in the house. One playing, while I was trying to photographer her and the other 3 running around playing hide and seek. I sometimes feel that I go into people’s houses and create chaos in order to take some pictures and in this case that was definitely so. Although you wouldn’t think it from this photograph which is captures a quiet moment.

I really enjoy being right in the middle of something when I am taking photographs. For me the more going on the better and the greater the photo opportunities. The whole family were so open and accommodating. It was a really good shoot and I ended up photographing all the children (although some were taken on my phone).

This image below was taken in Cardiff, where I will be spending a lot of my time this coming month on my Pop Up Portrait Studio. I couldn’t resist this complete baby set in pink.

Thanks to Florence and Freddy, and their mum and dad.

009 - Version 2

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