The Art of Repetition

010_12A - Version 2CNV00010 (1)

DSCF0659 (1) 012_24A (1)I always suspected that I should spend more time on my photography. At college I spent my grant money on new clothes, instead of course books. There has always been things to distract me. Now, however it’s more urgent. Maybe this is due to growing older, having a child, doing my MA… I’m not sure, but I haven’t got that time to waste and I have enough clothes now.

The idea behind my Pop Up Studio was for me, to learn and develop, from doing the same thing over and over again. I wanted to be working intensively, day in day out, to produce a large quantity of work in a relatively short space of time. I couldn’t not improve my technique. My work must surely benefit from it, and it did.

I recently listened to Desert Island Discs with ceramic artist Edmund de Waal. He said something that has really stuck with me. He was told by his teacher “It’s the first 30,000 pots you make that are the worst”. This is also true of photography, although a complete novice can get a lucky shot. It takes the act of taking photographs over and over to become a really good photographer. I have taken a lot of photographs and they are staring to take shape, but I’ve got many more pots to make and I need to get a move on.

These photos are taken from the window at my Mum’s, over looking the back court. It’s another picture that I photograph over and over…

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  1. I have photographed the view from the back of my house many hundreds of times, and amazingly each photograph is so different… Really enjoyable essay Kirsty, thank you.

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