A Kind of Order

Back cover

Double page spread

Double page spread

Double page spread

Fold out poster

This week I started to edit the photographs from my Pop Up Portrait Studio, that I shot on the Fuji X-Pro1. I began by editing the 280 final portraits down to 47, which I printed out as 5X7s. I laid them out on my dining room table and took these photos to record of the layout.

The edit above is for a small book/flyer that I’m going to be sending out. The book is made from just one piece of paper that folds down to make a front cover, three double page spreads, back cover and then the whole thing cleverly folds out to reveal a poster in the middle. I have never seen this kind of fold before. It was shown to me by graphic designer and book binder Emma Hopton, who I hope will be making up some hand bound books for me.

My next task is to go back through the 5,000+ files, that I shot for the project. I need to check that I haven’t missed a gem. Now that there has been some time between taking the photographs and editing, different images might now appeal to me. I’ll then be doing an edit of around 20 images to make into a book.

The whole idea of this project was for me to be doing the same thing over and over again, in the hope that I could improve my technique. I realized in the editing process that all the shots above, are from the final 2 weeks of the project. In the larger edit there’s not a single image from week one, a few from week two, a lot from week three and the majority are from the forth week. Practice makes perfect? It certainly makes for better pictures.

I stumbled upon a photographer doing a very similar project to this. Check out Jason Wilde’s free portrait studio..

    • Thanks Tris. Yes, Blurb – I haven’t tried them out. I have found a book binder in Bristol, so I’m thinking of getting them printed myself and then having them bound. I’ll see what I can afford..

  1. Yeah I really like the edit too, and Interesting that they are mainly from the final week’s shoot – I guess it kind of proves a point…
    Fold-down design for a pop-up studio 🙂

    • Thanks Suki and Wendy. The book kind of ‘pops’ open!

      • wendy carrig said:


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