Waiting For A Photograph

My book project has been forcing me to try new approaches to making photographs. The book Generation Pink sets out to document the current prevalence and popularity of the colour pink, amongst all things produced and marketed towards young girls in the UK. To compliment the series of portraits I have done, I’ve been out on the street looking for further evidence of the ‘pink epidemic’. I am not a street photographer. I am used to having people’s permission and full attention when I photograph them. I am having to use different techniques and equipment to get the images I am after.

This also involves a lot of waiting… I have been setting up a shot, and then just waiting for the right element of pink to pass by. Sometimes this is successful, and I just have to be patient. But I am feeling the need to get closer to the action and get more involved in the crowd. For this I need to switch from my Mamiya 7 to the Fuji X100 as the Mamiya is just too tricky to focus on the go.

I found this video clip on In Public’s facebook page- ‘You know it when you see it’. It gives an insight into the process of street photographer Melanie Einzig’s tecnique. I think the trick is to just be bolder and get closer…

  1. penny.russell@zoho.com said:

    That’s funny, was just thinking I hadn’t heard from you for a while. I think ur Twitter account has been hacked… Hope ur well, look forward to reading this when I’m on a proper computer! Penny x

    • Thanks Penny, yes my twitter account is sending out stupid msges! Hope things are good with you. I’m getting ready for another Electric December, but there are only 6 of them this year, so we will have to do without you..

  2. Paul Fox said:

    I also got a dodgy tweet from you so you’ve definitely been hacked. Great clip btw, I shoot with a Panasonic 20mm to force me to get right in on the action.

    • Thanks Paul, yes I think a wider angle lens would be good for me too.

  3. DB Redfern said:

    Hey! Welcome back. I’ve missing getting my photography fix over the summer. Are you doing the Totterdown Arts Trail this year?

    • Oh, yes. Planning on doing pop up studio on the arts trail!

  4. I like this new direction you have taken with your pink project.
    Think pink pumps in pram probably my fave…

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