A Consistent Approach

My Pop Up project is finished for now (until I find an event or other location to photograph). So over the summer I am still chipping away at my pink project. During the school holdays my work days go down from five to a half. But in that time I will be trying to keep up some momentum – shooting more portraits and candid shots.

I now feel like I am getting somewhere with it and the work seems to be gelling together. I have at last found a consistent approach to photographing the girls in their bedrooms. It started after a very scathing and frank review of my work, from a workshop leader, on a course I was on. This was followed by a lot of thinking and research on my part. I knew some of my portraits were just not good enough – too cutesy, but I suppose I didn’t know how else to do it. I researched how other photographers have managed to make good photographs of children. I knew I needed to find a way of photographing young children that was less sweet and obvious, but more intriguing. I took a photograph of my daughter back in May and it was the turning point. All the portraits I have done since then have fallen into the same mould. They cannot be too consistent as each bedroom I photograph is different; the layout, the light and the willingness and interest of the child. Some situations just won’t lend themselves to this kind of uniformity and so won’t make it into the final edit. I will also have to reshoot some of the earlier portraits, so they fit into the series, but they are now at last fitting together.

I have been getting good advice and feedback on this project all the way along and everyone told me to make the portaits more consistent. I knew they should be, but it wasn’t until I got some very harsh criticism that I managed to change my approach. Difficult to take at the time, but it has done me good in the long term.

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