My Bus Stop Studio

This is the last week of my Pop Up Portrait Studio and for the past few days I have set up my ‘outdoor studio’ in a disused bus shelter on Glocester Rd in Bristol. It has worked really well and I feel quite at home there now. I can hang my backdrop directly onto it. The roof allows me more control over the light which can look more like window light, whilst also giving me some shelter. It has a clear perspex panel which adds more light from the opposite side and brilliantly has a built in bench. This has been a good addition to my set up as I think people feel more relaxed sitting down, as they don’t have to worry so much about what to do with their bodies.

The bus stop is located in an interesting part of town. To one side is the Boston Tea Party cafe, and all the independent Gloucester Rd shops. This part of Bristol seems full of plum yummy mummies and their cute kids in buggies or on their scooters, but they only seem to come down as far as the Boston Tea Party. In the opposite direction you have Stokes Croft. The Tesco store that was the centre of the riots is a few shops down. Stokes Croft attracts many artists, activists, free and alternative thinkers as well as more that it’s fair share of homeless people and those with drugs and alcohol problems.

I have met and photographed a diverse range of people. I have found the people of Gloucester Rd to be much more friendly and open that in any of the other venues I have set up in. I have only two more days of shooting left and I might perhaps fit in an extra one next week to make up for the time I lost out on due to the rain. Then the Pop Up Studio will be packed away…until next time anyway.

  1. Fantastic! Yes excellent light from the bus shelter, especially on the tattooed man…

  2. You’re right about the light quality, works well!

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