In the Eye of the Beholder

Over the past few weeks I have photographed over 170 people in my pop up studio. I have started to look for a thread that ties some of them together.

My plan was always to shoot the project. Photograph anyone and everyone, then do nothing with the work for at least a month. This should give me some distance from the work. I think I might need it when working with such a large volume of pictures. I will then edit the portraits down into a series and process the final images.

It is a back to front approach to creating a body of work, as I have no idea of who I am going to photograph and what I will end up with. It might not work out, but I am enjoying the freedom to just follow my nose and see what happens.

One of the common threads that is going around my head at the moment is ‘Beauty’. When I photograph someone I keep going until I get that angle and expression, where I think I have caught them at their best. I am drawn to beauty in people and try to get it out of each person that I photograph. The beauty I see may not be a conventional, but it is one of the things that I am always trying to capture, whether I am always aware of it or not.

  1. The beauty of Simple symmetry Muted greys Porcelain skin

  2. DB Redfern said:

    Interesting you bringing up beauty straight after the previous portrait because beautiful was the first word that stung into my mind when seeing it- both the person and the composition. It looks like an old master and the previous post puts it so much more poetically than I ever could.

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