Monthly Archives: June 2012

Over the past few weeks I have photographed over 170 people in my pop up studio. I have started to look for a thread that ties some of them together.

My plan was always to shoot the project. Photograph anyone and everyone, then do nothing with the work for at least a month. This should give me some distance from the work. I think I might need it when working with such a large volume of pictures. I will then edit the portraits down into a series and process the final images.

It is a back to front approach to creating a body of work, as I have no idea of who I am going to photograph and what I will end up with. It might not work out, but I am enjoying the freedom to just follow my nose and see what happens.

One of the common threads that is going around my head at the moment is ‘Beauty’. When I photograph someone I keep going until I get that angle and expression, where I think I have caught them at their best. I am drawn to beauty in people and try to get it out of each person that I photograph. The beauty I see may not be a conventional, but it is one of the things that I am always trying to capture, whether I am always aware of it or not.

When you take a portrait of someone there is always the question – ‘Who is the photograph for?’ This is exactly what I have been working out in my Pop Up project. The idea of the project is to give each person I photograph a nice portrait of themselves, whilst I also get an interesting photograph, that I can use as part of a larger project. To start with I was too worried about each sitter getting a good picture. I was hopping around trying to get a good angle and make a good picture. The result was too fashiony and try hard. As the days have gone on I have been able to relax a bit and gain the confidence to just set up the camera, and allow some space for the person to be who they are, and hope that some of that will seep into the photograph. The photographs are now less about me and more about them, which I think only comes with a bit of time.

I should also say that these images are just rushes. They are not final images. As I am shooting such a large volume for this project I will only process them at the end when I have done a final edit. So they might look a little too light and they’ll have more depth than this, but as I starting point I am really happy with them and I am loving shooting with the Fuji X-Pro1. I’ll be doing a proper review of it in the next couple of weeks…

Here are some of the first portraits from my Pop up Portrait Studio. It has been a good first week and loads of fun. I have met some really generous and wonderful people. I have been finding my feet and getting used to using Fuji’s new X-Pro 1 digital camera.
More from the Pop up next week!