Seeing Pink

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I’ve had a few disappointments lately with setting up portraits and then people letting me down, so I have been concentrating on ‘other’ shots. I don’t want to call them street photos, as that term is so loaded these days, but they are photos that I have taken out on the street and in the shopping mall.

I have been taking my camera out and just seeing what I can find and I have been rewarded for my efforts. When I have been out and about looking for photographs I have found a pink washing line, “It’s a girl!” decorations hung all across the front of a house, a pink plastercast, scooter, head scarfs and an ice-cream van – all of which fit in well to my Generation Pink book project.

It was like being given a gift, that I then snapped up quickly with my camera. Here’s a few for you to see.

  1. Apparently pink is the only colour that has no negative..! But then you probably knew that already…
    Great work Kirsty.

    • Oh, that’s interesting. I’ll have to look into that.
      Thanks also Wendy for the name of the Pop up Portrait studio!

  2. I like these. I have a book by the photographer Gary Winogrand called “Winogrand 1964”, and it has a photo in it of a street scene featuring a woman with a pink head scarf. It’s always stuck in my mind, and it seems that it might fit right in with yours. 🙂

    • I love this book. Winogrand is amazing – an original street photographer. It is a classic and probably worth quite a bit now. Thanks Matt

  3. You sure came up with some wonderful photos. Glad you didn’t let the cancellations spoil your sharp eye.

    • Thank you Wayne. And thanks for the ‘likes’. They are much appreciated.

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