Between Photographs

It’s been a dull week. I haven’t shot anything all week. I have spent the week emailing and calling, trying to set up some new photographs and organize a project for over the summer. It is slow work and tedious. I want to be out. I want to be photographing.

And then there’s the rain! I’m on umbrella number three. Usually if I didn’t have something set up I could go into town and just do something off the cuff – but not this week. The weather has put a stop to that.

The Guardian this week has an article on Richard Mosse’s Best Shot. He describes his moments between projects and his low points – ‘They’re like jumping out of a plane without a parachute’.

I did think about not posting this week, but photography is not all about the end result of the bright and shiny new picture. There is a lot of research and planning, writing proposals and form filling. It wouldn’t be truthful to just post my latest pictures every week.

So this week, I have for you, a couple of my photographs of Bristol. For most of May the Bristol Festival of photography is on. It is a biannual festival and only in its second year. It’s very small by photography festival standards, but it is right on my door step. I have been to see the excellent work of Zed Nelson ‘Hackney – A Tale of two Cities’. Simon Norfolk will be here doing a talk next week and tomorrow I will be going down to Stokes Croft to have my own portrait taken by the wetplate collodion process.

Now the sun has just come out so maybe I’ll just take my camera out for a walk..

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