From Pink to Purple to Black

I have been photographing and interviewing older girls for my book project Generation Pink. I had previously been concentrating on photographing young girls, as the popularity of the colour pink seems to peek at around 4-5 years old. I wanted to hear what older girls think about pink and also how and why the popularity for the colour diminishes as girls get older.

Pink is undoubtably seen as a girly colour, but as girls get older they see it as infantile. Many girls who’s favourite colour was pink then choose purple. I have seen a lot of girls mixing hot pink with black as they get a bit older and the shades of pink move away from ‘baby’ pink to fushia. Then in comes black. Perhaps it is when girls can fit into adult size clothes that black starts to feature prominently.

Thanks to Beth, a talented ballet dancer (top).

Thanks to Ella, who is into sewing her own clothes and loves ‘The Hunger Games’. (middle).

Thanks to Rosie, a great netball player (bottom).

Not just pretty faces..

  1. DB Redfern said:

    My daughter likes making things and always helps us with our DIY. She knows the difference between an Allen key, a flat headed and a Phillips screwdriver ( even though her mum doesn’t know how to spell them) and so as it is her 4th birthday in a few weeks, I have been looking at construction kits and what is available for girls. I have been disappointed that girls’ targeted products are just pink rather than the same colour but with a slightly different emphasis on the subject matter: making bicycles, scooters, animal based things etc. Apparently the Friends range of Lego has been causing some controversy and I’m not just the only one to think this:

  2. The Lego thing really annoys me. They have THE best toy in the world – they don’t have to change it.. But they are succumbing to this idea that toys should be marketed towards separate ideas of what is for girls and what is right for boys. Boys and girls can just like the same stuff. Thanks for the comment DB.

  3. Just clicked on your link. I have seen this girl before. She has got it so right.

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