Finding a Voice

From the beginning of Generation Pink I knew I didn’t want the final book to be expressing my own opinions. I have been aware that parents have been extremely generous and trusting of me. I have been invited into their houses, (sometimes as a stranger) and allowed to photograph their children. I would not want to criticise anyone’s choice of how to dress or bring up their children. My motivation has been to record the age of pink.

My opinions have driven me to explore this subject, and it is my views that have got me fully engaged in the project. Without a strong interest in the subject I would have given up long ago.

The voices and points of view within the book will come from the children themselves. This week’s blog offering is a test that I made with my daughter, talking about the pink things she has. I have started to interview and record the children I photograph. If the finished work becomes an app I will use the recordings alongside the photographs and in the final printed book they will be used as quotes.

Interviewing and sound recording is new to me. This project is taking me to new places and forcing me to learn new skills that I would not even have considered before. I hope you like..

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