The Babyccino Generation

This week just some phone pictures and an idea that has been going around in my head for a while…

The Babyccino! Where did that come from? I’m sure it wasn’t created in Italy. Nope, apparently it is from Australia and has been around for the past 10 years. It’s certainly been in the UK for the past 5, and it has just hit the US. Over here we are just talking about some frothy milk in a small cup with a bit of chocolate on top. It the States they are serving little ones decaf coffee and frothy milk.
It’s another great marketing success aimed at the Yummy Mummy, as a way of keeping her child quite so she can spend more money in the cafe.

It may sound like I don’t approve, but I do love the Babyccino. It’s healthy and the kids love them. For me it’s the name – it just seems to sum up this new generation of little people and how we treat them. There is a project here somewhere, but for now it’s just a good title- “The Babyccino Generation”.

These photos are of my daughter who ran up to me in the park the other day asking for a Cappuccino. My first thought was ‘you are NEVER having coffee’, but she meant a Babyccino. We are both off to Glasgow tomorrow where I think they are called ‘Weanaccinos’. We’ll find out and report back.

Thanks to Ruby for her individual dress sense and for sharing many a Babyccino moment with me.

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