Making a Book

No new photos this week. I have been editing my book project Generation Pink. There’s now lots of advice out there, on how to make your own photo book, but I came across a great post on the Conscientious blog with some sound advice on book making and at just the exact time I needed it.

It can seem an overwhelming task at times, but as with most things once it is broken down into separate jobs becomes manageable and this week’s task is editing. Not that I will do an edit and it will be done. Editing will be an ongoing task, but at least I have made a start. I have started to pair images together that will become double page spreads. It is amazing that as soon as you start to put photographs together the work begins to feel like a book.

These images are from the middle chapter of the book, which is made up of formal portraits paired with still lives. When I have been shooting the children’s portraits I have always been very conscious that families have welcomed me into their home, and allowed me to photograph their children. I have always felt that I wanted to make positive images and not criticize anyone’s choice of how to dress or raise their children. I am there to record. I also really hope that the children gain something form working with me to make the photograph, as it is very much a collaboration.

The still lives are a different matter. I found it impossible not to let my own feelings come into these pictures. I have only photographed second hand toys, that I have either found out on the street, or bought form charity shops and from Ebay. I like the idea that these toys have already been played with, discarded and the child has already moved on to something else. I have added a bit of glitter or make up (see the unicorn above) just as little girls do when playing with their dolls. I don’t shoot still lives often, but have really enjoyed using a medium that has allowed me to add some of my own expression.

I have set up a Generation Pink Facebook page to find out what other people think about the issues raised in the project. It will follow the making of the book with weekly updates and I hope that it will also encourage discussion. I might even be able to use some of the comments in the finished book. Please support my book project by ‘liking’, commenting and sharing Generation Pink on Facebook.

Thanks to Jenny for such a strong and confident stance from such a little child. And many thanks to Jasmine and Amelia for allowing me into their magical play room.

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