Pink and Blue

Only a small offering from me this week. I photographed nine week old twins Eli and Laurie for my pink project. It was one of those occasions, when having a camera allows you a glimpse into other people’s lives. It felt really special to have spent a some time with these two little people, and in this case, their two mums.

Having a boy and girl at exactly the same time, I had thought would really emphasize the inherent differences between the two sexes and how other people treat them. Their mums Louise and Laura have all this to come. I was stuck by how different the babies are already and could see very clearly  their different personalities even at this young age. Laurie, the girl has such a pretty and very feminine face and Eli has that slightly old man face that babies boys sometimes have. Their mum Louise told me that they generally dress the babies in whatever clothes are at hand, and so have already confused many midwifes and health visitors, who have just assumed that it is Laurie who is the one in pink.

I shot 3 rolls in total, but this was the only frame that really works for me. I like how they are positioned, head to toe, like yin and yang. I couldn’t help but include the iron in the top left corner as a nod to the domestic drudgery of looking after small children, which must be increased by the demands of twins. There are two piles of clothes on the bed one pink and one greeny blue (with a bit of pink).

This photograph is a good edition to my pink project which is now titled ‘Generation Pink’ (look out for the Facebook page coming soon). I have a deadline to finish off the majority of the photographs, which is the end next month. I will be doing a book design course with book designer Stuart Smith of Smith Design, who are responsible for the amazing and imaginative design of many many great Photo books .

Many thanks to Louise and Laura, Eli and Laurie.

  1. Cathy's Fehilly said:

    Like the twins. Do you think being brought up by two woman will lead to less of the pink thing?

  2. I suppose it depends on which two women.. The twins mums don’t follow the ‘rules’ of dressing their boy in blue and their girl in pink. It will be interesting to see what they do as the twins get older. Will he have a blue scooter and she a pink one? Will they have the one to share? With so many kids products being produced in pink and blue as the only options, it makes sharing and passing things on more difficult.

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