A new background

Two photographs today instead of my usual one. I have been trying out a new background. This one is in Whiteladies Road in Bristol, just across the road from the bus stop where I photographed Kaitlin. It is the entrance to an old cinema and perfect for photography, as it is like a small stage, with steps leading up to it, two pillars at the front, and light coming in from three sides. I love the palm beach scene on the back wall. It contrasts nicely with the drab February day on which I took the photographs. A cloudy day with a bit of drizzle, but in front of this old cinema, there are no high buildings, so a clear view of a nice big chunk of sky acting as a great big soft box. It is located on a good spot on a busy road where I can have some control over the daylight and grab interesting passersby.

I usually go for plain backgrounds, just a bit of texture on a wall or shop front. This kind of shot is new for me. I just couldn’t resist this sunny scene. I have spotted a few more painted backgrounds around town, which I might try out too.

This is Meadhb (above). She told me that her friends call her ‘bitch face’, as she tends to come across as stern and bitchy looking in photographs. No bitch faces here. I like her expression and openness. I am always impressed by people that I photograph. They can be so open and giving to the camera. As is this girl below – unusually I didn’t get her name.

Thank you to my Whiteladies girls.

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