Man in Love

I took this photograph in Stokes Croft, Bristol. I photographed this guy with his girlfriend and then took the shot with his girlfriend out of shot, just with her hand showing. I didn’t notice the graffiti above his head. At least I don’t consciously remember it. They were both so wrapped up in each other, so I think that’s why left a bit of her in there.

I was always drawn to Stokes Croft and it is an area that I keep going back to, to take photographs and to find people to photograph. It is an area that had been run down and forgotten about until a group of activists and artists called “The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft” set about transforming the area. It is the sight of a well known Bansky – ” The Mild Mild West” done back in the nineties and now entire buildings are covered with graffiti. It has become an interesting, vibrant and thriving place as well as the sight of the Tesco riots last year.

I would like to do some more photographs here, perhaps a whole project. There is something about the spirit of the people of Stokes Croft ; I think perhaps they are a bit ahead of their time, and for me embody a feeling of discontentment that many people across the country share, but the People’s republic of Stokes Croft are banding together independently and making positive changes to their community.

I always give my images a working title, just something descriptive that I can easily remember, and this guy has always been called Maninlove.jpg/tiff

Happy Valentine’s Day! x

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