This week’s sketch

I went to the see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy this week. Despite my initial reservations, as I have never been that drawn to landscapes. It really blew me away. I have always been interested in Hockney, especially his use of image making devices and theories on photography. It was an absolute joy to come face to face with his work ‘The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire 2011 (twenty eleven)‘ which includes one huge painting comprising of 32 canvases, and 51 prints that he made on his iPad. As you turn around the room you can actually see spring arriving. I thought this was the final piece, however the exhibition went on to show some amazing video work (made using 9 video cameras mounted together) and then a room of his sketchbooks. I would highly recommend it – even if you are not into landscapes.

So I am inspired. Hockney has said about his work that ‘everything begins with the sketchbooks’. This blog is my photographic sketchbook – a place for me to put down, and work on, my ideas and images. I don’t find it easy to show work that is not 100% perfect and that I am not yet happy with, but that is what this is all about. I have always found the sketchbooks in a show fascinating and sometimes more interesting that the final work. So this week I feel back on track and more focused on my original intention. It is all too tempting, to stray from the path and just show your best work, but not quite so interesting or insightful.

So here we have, a very much work in progress shot, taken last week at my daughter’s school. The headteacher, who herself is very into pink has very kindly given me permission to take photographs. I was looking for ‘evidence’ of pink and found that it is much more concentrated the lower down the school you go. I took this picture of the nursery children’s (age 3-4) lunch boxes. I placed all the pink ones together for the shot. Out of a total of 15 lunchboxes 7 were all pink and two partly pink. As it is unlikely that any of these belong to a boy. It is possible that every girl who has a pack lunch has a pink one or one with pink on it.

This approach is new for me and I don’t think I’ve got it quite right yet. I like the idea and was pleased with what I found, but think I’ll need to reshoot, perhaps in another nursery that has more daylight or by using flash. I am trying new ways to tell the story of the pink phenomenon. I do feel that I am getting there…gradually and hope it will become a more well rounded and complete project.

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