Sarah with pink hair

This is Sarah. She has dyed her hair pink, after having just about every other colour. I had noticed a lot of people lately with pink or bright red hair. I presume hair dying technology has progressed to be able to achieve these bright and vivid colours. I wanted to record this, particularly since it ties in with my ‘Pink‘ project.

I am aware that most of my recent posts have all been about ‘Pink’. This blog is intended to show and share my ideas and projects – big or small. However, at the moment I am knee deep in pink. What I thought may be enough photographs for an article on the subject has grown and developed into a book project. I am just over half way in shooting all the images, so am really trying to keep up the momentum to get it finished.

At the same time I know that this is really the best point to be at in a project. In the thick of it. I am never happier when I have lots of work to do, lots of ideas, people saying yes to me photographing them, but with still more to do. I am in a hurry to get the work finished, but I know I’ve got to savour this moment too. Once I am finished I will be left alone with another idea to think of, and that steep slope to climb to set the idea into motion.

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