Monthly Archives: January 2012

This is Sarah. She has dyed her hair pink, after having just about every other colour. I had noticed a lot of people lately with pink or bright red hair. I presume hair dying technology has progressed to be able to achieve these bright and vivid colours. I wanted to record this, particularly since it ties in with my ‘Pink‘ project.

I am aware that most of my recent posts have all been about ‘Pink’. This blog is intended to show and share my ideas and projects – big or small. However, at the moment I am knee deep in pink. What I thought may be enough photographs for an article on the subject has grown and developed into a book project. I am just over half way in shooting all the images, so am really trying to keep up the momentum to get it finished.

At the same time I know that this is really the best point to be at in a project. In the thick of it. I am never happier when I have lots of work to do, lots of ideas, people saying yes to me photographing them, but with still more to do. I am in a hurry to get the work finished, but I know I’ve got to savour this moment too. Once I am finished I will be left alone with another idea to think of, and that steep slope to climb to set the idea into motion.

Last week I photographed 14 month old Elliot, as part of my ‘Pink‘ project. I put an ad on Mumsnet looking for families to take part in the photographs, and his mum Natalie was the only one to reply. So I was very keen to meet them, especially since almost everyone else I have photographed for this work has been connected to me in some way.

Natalie likes to dress Elliot in pink. He has a pink shirt, pink t-shirt and little waistcoat, and because of this Elliot is frequently mistaken for a girl. Natalie doesn’t mind at all if people initially think he is a girl. She just takes it as a sign of him being seen as cute. I found Natalie’s reaction to this quite refreshing. I can remember when my daughter was two. She had a navy blue Duffle coat and was regularly mistaken for being a boy. My immediate reaction would be to feel a bit annoyed, as it seemed so obvious to me that she was a little girl, but maybe it shouldn’t have made me so cross.

Young children do look androgynous, and it is only in the way we cut their hair and dress them that people who meet them in the street can assume what sex they are. We seem so keen these days to dress our children as little men and little woman.

If you have a young daughter and don’t dress her in pink, frills and dresses.This is the reaction you are going to get, from even well meaning strangers. So maybe you should view it as a good thing if your child is mistaken for the opposite sex, maybe it just means that you are not conforming to imposed social stereotypes.

Thanks to Natalie and Elliot for taking part. It was wonderful to get some nice light in the middle of January.

‘A new year and a new camera’. This is how I wanted to start off my first post of 2012. I wanted to feature a great shot I had taken with my brand new Fuji X100 digital camera- an exciting concept for a lover of film and analogue cameras.

But it is just not happening for me, whilst the X100 is a joy to use and beautifully designed I have yet to take a ‘good’ shot. I wanted to comment on the Film v Digital debate that is still raging across online photography forums. I wanted to casually say what a boring argument it is. I wanted to compare it to the numerous talks I have been to where, when faced with and amazing inspiring photographer willing to talk about their work, there would always be some nerd asking “What film do you use?”. To me it’s just not important as long as you get the shot.

But instead, I have spent the week trying to analyse exactly what it is, that is lacking from my digitally rendered images. For now I am putting it down to the fact that you just don’t get great pictures every time. The lack of, and quality of light in the middle of winter.  Maybe these are excuses, but this is where I am.. still wondering and unsure.

It will take me time and practice before I become as fluent with the X100 as I am with my Nikons and Mamiya 7, and I will continue to shoot film also. But for now until I have mastered my new piece of kit. Here is a photograph taken on film with my 21 year old Nikon F3. A photograph celebrating the creamy colours of Kodak Portra, as sadly, Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.