Tinsle and trees

This is Faith. Faith likes to choose her own clothes. When I first met her in a local cafe, was dressed, as she is here, head to toe in pink. Many thanks to Faith for showing me her pink Christmas trees.

My Christmas list

Magnum Contact Sheets by Kristen Lubben
There are so many end of year lists of the best Photo Books of 2011. This one has been included over and over. It used to be my absolute favorite thing to do.. Sit with my magnifier choosing the best shots from a contact sheet. I still use a lot of film, but I no longer use the contact sheet to select images. This book puts some well known photographs into context by showing the process the photographer used to achieve the final image.

Fuji finepix X100s                                                                                                                               Finally an affordable digital camera, designed for me. Just beautiful.

Happy Christmas and thanks for following.

  1. Ella said:

    I really like your work – Laura Dixon gave me your contact details as my daughter Lily (21 months) wears a lot of pink and you might be interested in photographing her for your pink project!

    Thanks, Ella

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