Boys in Pink

This is the latest shot from my ‘Pink’ project. The project was originally intended to document the abundance of pink products that are given to young girls, (see polly post), but it is changing as I am finding out about boys who like to wear pink too.

I originally wanted to include boys in the project as a way of really challenging our own association with the colour pink and femininity, (see Pretty in Pink post). The idea being, that when you look at one of my photos of a boy dressed in pink that you might assume he is a she. I have now got 4 portraits like this and the project is evolving. I am becoming interested in boys who are going against the grain, (at the very young age of 6 in this case) and choosing pink for themselves.

This is Kofi in our local park. I had a great shoot with Kofi as he was really interested in my Mamiya 7 camera and had some good ideas of his own.

The more I take pictures the more collaborative the process becomes. I used to have very fixed ideas about how the picture should look. I would already have an image of the end result in my head, before I even took the first frame. Now I have a loose idea of a staring point and am able wait and see what happens and just respond as it does. This way I can find out what the subject has to offer, which are often ideas that I would never have come up with myself. I think it makes for better pictures…

This clip from Sesame Street has stayed with me from childhood. I remember thinking that maybe it was okay to do your own thing, to be different and that you didn’t always have to be like your friends. Here’s to Kofi for doing his own thing.

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