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This is Faith. Faith likes to choose her own clothes. When I first met her in a local cafe, was dressed, as she is here, head to toe in pink. Many thanks to Faith for showing me her pink Christmas trees.

My Christmas list

Magnum Contact Sheets by Kristen Lubben
There are so many end of year lists of the best Photo Books of 2011. This one has been included over and over. It used to be my absolute favorite thing to do.. Sit with my magnifier choosing the best shots from a contact sheet. I still use a lot of film, but I no longer use the contact sheet to select images. This book puts some well known photographs into context by showing the process the photographer used to achieve the final image.

Fuji finepix X100s                                                                                                                               Finally an affordable digital camera, designed for me. Just beautiful.

Happy Christmas and thanks for following.

This week Hamelys announced they would be ditching their separate floors for ‘girl’s toys’ and ‘boy’s toys’ labelled with pink and blue signs. A victory for political blogger Laura Nelson who blogs under the name “Delilah”. This sparked an interesting debate by Polly Curtis on the guardian website titled “Pink v Blue – are children born with gender preferences?”

This news makes my Pink Princesses project even more current and has encouraged me to try to complete the project so I can then think about publishing or exhibiting the final work.

I have around 25 final images and am aiming for 40 in total. I have photographed the majority of the work, and what’s left is to fill in the gaps and try to get the shots I haven’t been able to find so far, that would complete the story.

In particular I am looking for a pregnant woman, expecting a girl, that has or is about to decorate a pink nursery. Do get in touch if you know anyone who fits the bill. And watch this space..

This photograph is another from my Pink Princesses project. It shows my daughter holding her teddy with her pink painted nails. This teddy is one of her 102 soft toys.

But who am I to complain that we have too much?

The book Where Children Sleep by James Mollison brilliantly documents what some children have and others have not around the world.

Pieter Hugo has just been nominated for this years Deutsche Borse Photography Prize for his work

Permanent Error – a really powerful project that forces us to question the extent of our consumerism.

This is the latest shot from my ‘Pink’ project. The project was originally intended to document the abundance of pink products that are given to young girls, (see polly post), but it is changing as I am finding out about boys who like to wear pink too.

I originally wanted to include boys in the project as a way of really challenging our own association with the colour pink and femininity, (see Pretty in Pink post). The idea being, that when you look at one of my photos of a boy dressed in pink that you might assume he is a she. I have now got 4 portraits like this and the project is evolving. I am becoming interested in boys who are going against the grain, (at the very young age of 6 in this case) and choosing pink for themselves.

This is Kofi in our local park. I had a great shoot with Kofi as he was really interested in my Mamiya 7 camera and had some good ideas of his own.

The more I take pictures the more collaborative the process becomes. I used to have very fixed ideas about how the picture should look. I would already have an image of the end result in my head, before I even took the first frame. Now I have a loose idea of a staring point and am able wait and see what happens and just respond as it does. This way I can find out what the subject has to offer, which are often ideas that I would never have come up with myself. I think it makes for better pictures…

This clip from Sesame Street has stayed with me from childhood. I remember thinking that maybe it was okay to do your own thing, to be different and that you didn’t always have to be like your friends. Here’s to Kofi for doing his own thing.