Piles of Pink

This weeks photograph is the latest in my ‘Pink Princesses’ project. I have been photographing row upon row, and pile upon pile, of pink children’s clothing. I want to create a small sub series of shop images that will sit along side the portraits I have already made of children dressed in pink.

I have been out in the shopping centres of Bristol, taking photographs and have been met with a mixed reception. My usual approach, when photographing, is to ask permission and get the subjects full attention. Asking permission in a high street chain store doesn’t work, so I have been surreptitiously taking photographs and then moving on. It’s a very different way of working for me and feel like I am spying, but this seems to be the only way to get the shots I need.

I have been amazed at the sheer mass of pink that I have come across in the girl’s department. In baby departments there is often only pale pink or baby blue to choose from. It appears to already being piled high for Christmas.

I haven’t yet worked out if these images will work alongside the portraits. This is still work in progress. I suppose if I present these images with the portraits, I will be assigning the blame for the pink phenomenon, to the high street big businesses. After having done a lot of research on this subject I do think that big businesses are to blame, but it is not quite as simple as that. There does seem to be a big demand out there for all things pink and girly. I will have to start by seeing how well the shots sit together and give a lot more thought to any kind of conclusion.

This image shows a mountain of pink pyjamas. When we are out shopping this would not look particularly unusual, particularly interesting or even warrant  a photograph, but when you take these scenes out of context it gives you the space to really look at the sheer bulk of clothing, the mass of pink just ready to be consumed.

A couple of useful links..


This website has been a great source of information for this project.

It states your rights to photograph in public places. (although shopping centres are not strictly ‘public places)


This a website recently set up by the government and advises what you can do if you find inappropriate children’s clothing on sale.

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